About Us

About us

About Us - Whee is the first Scooter Sharing Company of the Balearic Islands created in Mallorca and entirely privately owned.

Our ambitions are to create a sustainable long term ecologic transport alternative for the local community and tourists, to move around Palma de Mallorca or to enjoy a relaxing ride along the beautiful bay of Palma.

Fully committed to ethical values and to the environment. Whee wants to make our city more livable by giving our humble example to reduce traffic and congestion.

Our premium e-scooters are made available to use for short term (sharing) as well as long term (private rental) rentals. Our vehicles for sharing are dockless; they are dropped off and picked up only from selected locations and authorized parking spots within the service area.

We work towards providing the public with a fast and convenient mode of transport in the urban and touristic areas. To use our vehicles, a simple and user friendly smartphone APP must be downloaded. The APP show users a map of nearby scooters and enable them to unlock and lock them after a secure payment has been done.

In the jungle of new startups moving in the field, Whee stands out for its innovative and differentiating business model.

Soon in other European cities.

Are you ready to step up?


Remember always to follow the traffic and safety rules!

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