Who is Whee?

Whee is the last generation urban mobility platform for kick scooter sharing. We offer connected electric scooters (“E-Scooters”) to share in an easy way through advanced IOT technology. Simply download our  APP, register and scan the QR code of our scooters; in just few steps you will enjoy our ecologic keyless high-end vehicles to move quickly around the city or simply enjoy a pleasant ride along the beautiful bay of Palma.

Whee also offers a daily rental program of personal kick scooters and guided tours for groups. More details available in our website or simply contact us to learn more.

How can I register in your APP?

Very easy, just follow the instructions below:

1. Download WHEE APP available in Google play and App Store.

2. Create your personal account.

3. Fill you credit/debit card details in the APP. Google Pay and Apple pay are also available. You can either choose to top up your wallet or pay per ride.

4. If the vehicle belongs to a private fleet available in certain hotels partners, a code may be required. If so, click  “Private fleet” in the APP, and enter the hotel’s code.

5. Scan the scooter QR code on the handlebar of your e-scooter and….. ready to go!

How does the APP work?

Activate the GPS in your mobile phone in order to make visible the city Map and find the nearest scooter.

Should I pay to register in the APP?

Absolutely Not!

How much does it cost?

WHEE offers transparent and attractive prices.  The rental price is visible upon unlocking the scooter. 

The rental commences once the scooter is un-locked and ends once the service is terminated in the APP.

Prices can change without notice. Offers and promotions, once available, might be advertised in the web and in our APP (simply click on Promos).

Payment flow:

■ Hold the pre auth amount on the user’s card on ride start.
■ When the ride ends FIRST take money from the wallet (if any credit is available).
■ If there is still a remaining cost, take money from pre auth.
■ If there is still a remaining cost, take money from the default payment method.

Any additional cost?

However, in certain circumstances, Whee may charge penalties and/or administration fees to users, for example in case of:

  • Vehicle relocation if the scooter has not been returned and parked in its designated authorized parking spot.
  • Vehicle relocation if the scooter has been parked in private or not accessible areas.
  • Fines
  • Cost for repair or replacement
  • Any other cost incurred due to user careless

For more details, refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Whee accepts any common Credit or Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard etc..), Apple and Google pay. Other payment methods will be available soon. 

How should I top up my personal virtual wallet?

You can simply top up your wallet in the APP by selecting the desired amount or you can pay per ride without topping up your wallet. A security deposit or a pre-authorization may be required. The amount of the security deposit or pre-authorization, if requested, is shown in the APP upon unlocking the scooter.

Are my credit card details safe?

We use the safest technology available in the market. Whee does not store your credit or debit card details, we use services supplied by Stripe, one of the most advanced payments gateways available in the market. Stripe provides the technical, fraud prevention and banking infrastructure required to operate online payment systems. In the future, we may use additional or alternative payment gateways granting always the best quality and the safest service to our clients..

Is the helmet mandatory?

You must always wear the helmet for your own safety! The helmet must have the CE certification and must be fasten all the time during your ride.

How should I ride my WHEE scooter?

You must be familiar with e-scooters in order to ride a Whee. Give yourself a small kickstart with your dominant foot until you reach a speed of approx 3km/h and then push the right throttle to accelerate. To break, simply push the left throttle. To break even more, just put your foot on the rear wheel and gently activate the mechanical break.

Before starting your ride, make a security check of the scooter in order to verify any possible anomaly or broken parts. Always check the breaks afficiency before starting your ride.  Once the security check has been done, do a ride test.

When you ride, please always keep your feet on the board.

Where should I ride?

In Palma de Mallorca:

you can ride

  1. On Bike lanes always respecting the speed limits properly indicated
  2. On roads where speed is limited to 30km/h
  3. Residential areas where speed is limited to 30km/h

you cannot ride

  1. Parks, sidewalks, pedestrian streets
  2. Roads where speed is limited to 40km/h or above

In Calvia:

you can ride

  1. Bike lanes (max speed allowed 20km/h)
  2. Pedestrian streets and roads shared with pedestrians (max  speed allowed 10km/h)
  3. Roads with speed limit of 30km/h & 50km/h (max speed allowed 25km/h)

you cannot ride

  1. Parks
  2. Sidewalks and squares
  3. Streets with speed limit above 50km/h
  4. BUS & TAXI lanes

Check out the Local Rules for PALMA and CALVIA.

Traffic and local rules for places other than Palma de Mallorca and Calvia: please check local requirements and seek advise

I can’t unlock my scooter. What should I do?

First of all make sure that your internet connection works. If you still cannot un-lock your scooter, re-open the APP and try again. If still not working, digit the scooter number instead of scanning the QR code. Please contact us if  you are still failing to unlock your scooter.

What should I do if I find a broken scooter?

If you find a broken scooter please contact us immediately.

How should I lock my scooter?

End your ride by clicking “End Ride” in the APP.

Local rules prohibit to end the service in public spaces therefore you must terminate the service in our parking spots only. Remember that you can terminate the service only at the departure point and to park always with care and respect without creating obstacle to people or vehicles.

ATTENTION: the APP won’t allow you to end the service if you are not parking where permitted.

What happens if I miss internet connection or I run out of battery in my mobile upon finishing my ride?

Please always be sure to start the service with enough battery in your mobile phone. In case you miss internet connection that prevent you to terminate the service in our APP, please contact us immediately.

What should I do in case of raining?

In case of raining or wet pavement, it is prohibited to ride.

Can I make a break while riding and pause the service?

Of course. If during your ride, you want to make a break or relaxing in a terrace on the beach enjoying a coffe, just pause the service in the APP and park your scooter responsibly. Please note that nobody cannot unlock your scooter while in pause. Payment will continue to run (exception is made for some private fleets). To check the price per minute applicable during pause, please click on your scooter’s icon in the map of the app. 

To continue your ride, simply resume your ride in the APP.

During your pause, you can temporarily park your scooter outside the operative area, but, upon ending the service, you must return the scooter within the service area and park it where permitted (see above point above “how should I lock my scooter”).

Where should I park the scooter?

Upon ending the service,you have to park your vehicle with care within the perimeter of the operative area. Remember to park always with care without hindering the pedestrians or other vehicles.

Remember: the scooter must be always returned to the departure point (parking spot) which is inside the termination area unless otherwise agreed in writing with WHEE customer service.

Do not forget that is prohibited: (1) to tie the scooter to trees, , traffic lights or other elements, (2) park in front of loading and unloading areas or spaces reserved to vehicles, people with reduced mobility, ambulance or police, (3) park in front of emergency exit areas, hospitals, clinics, bus or taxi stop, pedestrian areas, in front of colleges and schools, cinemas, discos, historic buildings and public bikes sharing stations.

Be always sure to park with care and respect.

Which is the operative area of WHEE?

Look at the map available in the Application to check the perimeter of the operative area (if any). During your ride you can go outside the operative area but, upon termination, you need always to finalize your trip within it and park your scooter where permitted (see point above“ where should I park my scooter”).  If you do not park the scooter where permitted, you won’t be able to end the service in the Application and, additionally, you might be charged a penalty for scooter search & recovery (see Terms and Conditions).

What should I know about the applicable rules for personal mobility vehicles?

The local norms, the traffic rules and the applicable law, define safety and behaviour regulations. Seek advise by local authorities if any doubt.

Ride only where permitted by law and regulation and always respect the others. For WHEE, safety of users and pedestrians comes always first.

Please have a look to the Local VMP rules and be sure you have understood the content before beginning your ride. 

And what if I do not comply with the regulations?

If you do not comply with the regulations you might be charged with penalties and fines. Always comply with law and local regulations!

Always remember that is prohibited by law to:

  1. ride two users on one scooter
  2. infringe traffic rules
  3. ride with mobile phone or headphones
  4. ride under the effect of drugs or alcohol
  5. ride with lights off
  6. ride without reflective vest or belt in those locations where is mandatory
  7. ride without helmet
  8. ride if younger than 15 years old (in Palma) and 16 years old (in Calvia)

Check out our terms and conditions to learn more.

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